Chevron reports Indonesian oil spill

Chevron has spilled an unknown quantity of oil from one of its pipes, at the Dumai Port in Riau, Indonesia, that is used to ship hydrocarbons from its Rokan Block.

The U.S. giant’s local subsidiary said that it is working to contain the spill, which happened on 27 February, and assess the damage to the surrounding area.

Sonitha Poernomo, Chevron’s Indonesian corporate communications manager, said the company did not yet know the amount of oil spilled. But the company had reason to believe that the leaks did not amount to thousands of barrels, she added in a statement released 28 February.

“At the time the pipes in the port were not in use and field officials immediately cleaned the area and fixed the leaking pipe,” said Sonitha Poernomo.

Chevron reported it had installed booms to stop a broader spread of oil and is working to clean up the spill. The company has also said it was working together with the Dumai City administration to protect local residents and the environment.

“We are committed to running operations safely and reliably while protecting the community and the surrounding environment,” Sonitha said.

Chevron uses the Dumai Port to ship oil from the giant Rokan block that the company has operated since 1971.

Chevron’s rights to the block will expire in August, when Indonesian national oil company (NOC) Pertamina would take over at Rokan.

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