Enteq Upstream Plc launches SABER as ‘disruptive’ alternative to RSS drilling tools

“The SABER tool will prove to be a more accurate, agile and cost-effective alternative to existing RSS offerings,” chief executive Martin Perry said.

() has launched a new directional drilling system, called SABER, which it describes as a “disruptive alternative to traditional rotary steerable systems (RSS)”.

“The directional drilling market today is dominated by RSS designs supplied by a small group of companies which have been largely unchallenged,” said Martin Perry, Enteq chief executive.

“However, efficiency of directional drilling is becoming increasingly imperative. It is essential to control costs, minimise downtime and maximise reliability and drilling speeds in order to remain competitive and reduce the impact of drilling. 

SABER – the ‘Steer-At-Bit Enteq Rotary Tool – marks an evolution of a concept that was previously proven and tested by and licensed to Ente, the company highlighted.

Enteq added further detail, explaining that the new system uses internally directed pressure differentials to steer from the drill bit face, delivering true “at-bit” geo-steering. SABER can create a smoother and more precise wellbore with easy to manage directional control, it said.

The company said it is a mechanically simple design that also removes the need for traditional pistons and pads which are susceptible to reliability issues.

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“The SABER tool will prove to be a more accurate, agile and cost-effective alternative to existing RSS offerings,” Perry added.

“This product introduction should be a game changer for Enteq in terms of the market size which will be addressed and through the disruptive nature of the technology.”

Enteq highlighted the global RSS market is estimated to be worth some US$1.8bn in 2021, and, that SABER will be able to compete in approximately 40% of that market.

Commercial director, Andrew Law added: “Enteq’s independent status, established engineering expertise and history as a trusted company with reliable downhole products, make us the ideal candidate to enter and disrupt the RSS space.

“With our expert engineering team and access to market, I am confident that the SABER Tool will be a great success.”

Enteq noted that it licensed the designs and intellectual property used in SABER from Shell in September 2019.


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