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EnerCom, Inc., a nationally recognized management consultancy, and Colorado School of Mines, a leading public research university focused on science and engineering, announce a preliminary list of Presenting Companies and Keynote speakers for the first annual The Energy Venture Investment Summit presented by EnerCom and Colorado School of Mines Wednesday, February 10th – Thursday, February 11th, 2021.  Due to the pandemic, the conference will be hosted virtually on EnerCom’s proprietary energy news platform, Oil & Gas 360®, targeting more than 25,000 energy professionals and investors.

Colorado School of Mines and EnerCom to Co-Host the Energy Venture Investment Summit - February 10-11, 2021!- oil and gas 360

Featured presenters include companies within the air quality and methane monitoring, renewable natural gas, carbon capture, advanced instruments, geothermal, oil and gas production efficiencies, drilling oil recycling technology, innovative water management, and utility-scale ocean wave power industry segments.

Qualified members of the investment community are invited to one-on-one request meetings with management teams from the conference’s lineup. Meetings will take place virtually in the afternoons on February 10th and 11th.

You won’t want to miss hearing the stories of these emerging companies.  For a complete Summit agenda visit –

Webcast presentations can be viewed at – and are scheduled for Mountain Time.

Onboard Dynamics: onboarddynamics.comOnboard Dynamics is an early-stage company that has developed unique, patented natural gas compression technology for driving down emissions. With our products and services, customers can adopt best practices for performing natural gas pipeline operations, for recovering methane from a variety of sources, and for transportation refueling of natural gas fleet vehicles.

Aureus Energy Services: aureusenergy.comAureus is a private company providing environmental solutions for our clients’ water management needs and are committed to helping clients achieve their respective ESG targets.  By implementing Aureus’ proprietary technologies, our clients can improve water conservation, reduce fuel usage, produce less waste, lower water handling costs and ultimately, minimize their environmental footprint.  

Ajax Analytics: ajax-analytics.comAjax Analytics provides full-service environmental monitoring and advanced data analytics software on a subscription basis.  Our target customers are oil and gas companies and government agencies who require localized measurements of air emissions around oil and gas infrastructure for compliance and measure ESG performance.  We believe that unbiased, authentic, and impactful environmental data can encourage collaboration and facilitate actionable measures that will improve business operations, stakeholder relationships, and public perception.

IPEC Energy LLC (Terra Laboratories): terra-laboratories.comIPEC Energy offers innovative technology and a platform that can help oil & gas operators, and power generating plants to transition into renewable energy domain by diversifying customers’ portfolios with renewable energy generating assets. Technology that we propose does not require substantial investments or drilling new wells.

Project Canary: projectcanary.comProject Canary is a mission-driven B-Corp aiming to sustain the “social license to operate” for natural gas producers, transporters, and consumers through independent assessment of carbon and environmental footprints. This is critical for every participant in the natural gas supply chain because large swaths of the chain currently have no direct measurements. This opens up both the industry and companies to concerns from environmentalists, investors, and the public.

Ubiterra:  Real-time, 3D geosteering software – Stay in the Pay with Ubiterra’s ZoneVu cloud-based software for horizontal drilling. Connecting seamlessly to the rig during drilling, ZoneVu offers real-time data for better field interpretations and decisions through the fully-integrated, real-time 3D view of the subsurface for live geosteering while drilling. Geosteering, geology and data management all upload automatically to a single cloud-based secure storehouse with remote back-up.

LongPath Technologies: longpathtech.comLongPath Technologies provides cost-effective, continuous methane emissions detection and localization for the oil and gas industry using Nobel-prize winning frequency comb laser systems that can cover up to 15 square miles with a single system.

SCFCan: scfcan.caSCFCan’s proprietary clean technology recovers valuable components from industrial waste streams in various sectors, including oil and gas, food and agriculture, and pharmaceutical. The unique process reduces costs, thereby increasing the technology’s viability for previously un-valorized wastes. The result is a circular economy with lower consumption of virgin resources and reductions in GHG emissions. Our most mature application demonstrates recovery of oil from drill cuttings.  The recovered oil matches virgin quality at a cost less than half of virgin price. In North America, 10 million barrels of oil per year could be diverted from landfills, reducing GHG emissions by 75%.

BioSqueeze®: BioSqueeze® is a novel technology that has been proven in both P&A and Producing Oil & Gas wells. Our fluids go where the water goes…seeking out and filling micro-annuli and any available pore space. Once in place, BioSqueeze® fills in the spaces forming permanent, impermeable crystalline calcium carbonate mineral. Because we can penetrate openings as small as a few microns, gas and water are blocked and your gas migration issues are eliminated!

Exum Instruments: exuminstruments.comExum builds instruments and software ecosystems to increase the speed of materials development and discovery, offering easy access to high performance at a low cost. Exum’s first instrument, the MassboxTM, is the first Laser Ablation Laser Ionization Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer (LALI-TOF-MS) on the market, capable of analyzing any sample you can throw at it – precisely, rapidly, and inexpensively.

Atargis Energy Corporation: atargis.comThe Atargis Cycloidal Wave Energy Converter (CycWEC) is the first, and only, technology to cost-effectively convert ocean wave energy to baseload electricity at utility scale.

Cowboy Clean Fuels: cowboycleanfuels.comCowboy Clean Fuels, LLC produces low-carbon renewable natural gas from depleted coalbed methane wells and alternative biomass feedstocks. Based on patented technology and other intellectual property, Cowboy RNG has greater value than fossil natural gas due to its renewable and low-carbon attributes and can be sold into existing premium fuel and environmental markets. Cowboy uses existing infrastructure, including economically depleted CBM wells, gas gathering systems and pipelines to produce, recover and transport the gas, resulting in lower cost and higher scalability than other forms of renewable natural gas (anaerobic digester and landfill gas).

US Strategic Minerals Exploration:  Carbon capture, mineralization and sequestration technology and process that provides a sustainable approach to finding, processing, and extracting critical and strategic minerals from subsurface brine sources and oil and gas production brines and captured CO2.

Transitional Energy: transitionalenergy.usA greener future with renewable baseload geothermal energy. Transitional Energy intends to be a grid-scale geothermal power generation company by “transitioning” existing oil and gas wellbores into renewable power generators. TE will extract thermal energy from the produced fluids from these existing assets and deploy geothermal power generation units.

Terra Laboratories (Terra Chem Lab): terra-laboratories.comTerra Laboratories is the only commercial BioGeochemical lab that performs both advanced geochemical and microbiological measurements on subsurface samples, including high- res DNA sequencing. DNA sequencing of subsurface bacteria can be used for production allocation, reservoir continuity, and well to well communication purposes. Understanding of subsurface bacteria allows for the effective selection of biocides to prevent H2S generation; and use subsurface bacteria for Organic EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) purposes (as biopolymers and generators of biosurfactant).

Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. (OTCQB: MEEC): midwestemissions.comME2C® provides proven, patented emissions control technology along with expertise, insight, and innovation to the global energy sector to help coal-fired utilities and other energy providers optimize operations, meet compliance regulations, and reduce costs in the area of mercury emissions control.

Kairos Energy Services: kairosenergyservices.comKairos Energy Services specializes in downhole remediation and production enhancement with a focus on improving the profitability of existing unconventional wells.  Through our proprietary rigless chemical technology, we increase hydrocarbon production and improve cash flow from our customers’ existing wells.  Our target customers are oil and gas companies with a large inventory of unconventional wells who are looking to optimize cash flow from their base production.

Arcadia Minerals, Inc.  Arcadia Minerals owns, and is looking to permit and develop, two advanced stage critical minerals deposits in Wyoming that includes Zircon, Titanium, Cerium, lanthanum, neodymium, tantalum and niobium.  Arcadia’s resources are a secure, domestic supply of the required foundational materials for high growth markets, including electric vehicles, smartphones, modern electronics, technology and the core components in wind, solar for the energy transition. 

Water Lens:

Real time water testing that works to optimize your treatments and your bottom line.

FracBeat LLC (Terra Laboratories): fracbeat.comFracBeat is an innovative, real-time completions (frac) diagnostic and optimization software. FracBeat’s novel frac evaluation tool allows an operator to substantially reduce the cost of hydraulic fracturing, by reducing pumping volumes and pumping time, and make wells more economical and productive.

Vartega: vartega.comVartega is making carbon fiber more accessible to more industries by solving the world’s toughest advanced materials recycling challenges. We are currently generating recurring revenue through toll processing for the largest carbon fiber companies in the world. We will scale our growth by deploying our patented modular composites recycling units close to the source of scrap via our hardware-as-a-service subscription platform.

 Summit Format:  The event will provide invited presenters a venue to give a ten-minute live webcast presentation and post-presentation Q&A; and the ability to schedule virtual one-on-one meetings.  The conference presentations and post-presentation Q&A will be hosted on EnerCom’s Oil & Gas 360 news website at

Attendee Registration Cost: There is no cost to attend the live presentation and post-presentation Q&A sessions. Replays of the event will be available to subscribers of EnerCom’s Oil & Gas 360 news website at

Investor One-on-One Meetings:  EnerCom works in advance with presenting company management teams to arrange virtual one-on-one meetings with the attending investors. Advanced registration for qualified investors is required to request meetings.  Investment professionals can register for the event through the conference website at   

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About the Author – Dan Genovese is a Director at the energy consulting firm EnerCom, Inc. with experience in corporate strategy, investor relations, ESG, government relations and policy.  Mr. Genovese has worked in capital markets and has experience in upstream production and downstream energy demand.  Contact: [email protected]


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