Ruth Bader Ginsburg honored on new postage stamp


Ruth Bader Ginsburg served as the 107th Supreme Court justice of the United States.


The United States Postal Service on Monday released its postage stamp honoring the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a feminist icon who served for years as the senior-most member of the court’s liberal wing.

The USPS announced last year that it would feature an oil painting of the justice on a “Forever” stamp, which currently costs 66 cents. The painting shows the justice in a black judicial robe and a white collar, which became an iconic part of her wardrobe. Ginsburg died in 2020 at the age of 87.

Ginsburg’s granddaughter Clara Spera told CNN that the honor “would have been beyond her wildest dreams.”

“She worked as hard as she could for as long as she could, and did the very best that she could,” Spera told CNN’s Poppy Harlow in an interview that aired Monday on “This Morning.”

Spera said her grandmother “would be absolutely delighted” that a record four women are serving on the highest court’s bench.

“As she noted in her confirmation hearing, she was hoping that those women would not be cut from the same cloth, and that’s certainly the case,” Spera said. “We have women from different backgrounds, different legal viewpoints, and I think that’s something she would celebrate.”

Following Ginsburg’s death in 2020, the justice has been honored with several commemorations, including a bronze statue in her hometown of Brooklyn unveiled in 2021.

Ginsburg is not the first justice to be featured on a stamp. The late Justice Thurgood Marshall, the first African American member of the Supreme Court, is among those who have been honored by the USPS.

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