Seniors getting shaft on COVID; Trump vs. Biden

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Renewable energy is the future

Like clockwork, whenever a proposal is made to reduce pollution, Michael Stenhouse writes to tell us that clean economy initiatives are too costly. This time, Mr. Stenhouse is targeting a regional plan to reduce transportation emissions (“Conservative group criticizes transportation climate plan,” News, Jan. 27).

While the merits of Mr. Stenhouse’s assertion could be debated, that would be a waste of time. It wouldn’t matter a whit what Mr. Stenhouse or climate-control advocates would say about their positions. That’s because this debate is settled. American industries are going all in for a clean economy. Auto manufacturers are introducing scores of electric models. Shell Oil has just announced that it will build thousands of electric charging stations, and land and off-shore wind farms are sprouting up faster than Nebraska corn.

While Mr. Stenhouse is railing against clean environment initiatives, American industries, large and small, have done the math. They have concluded that our economic future will be built on renewable energy.

John  J. Colby, Warwick

Far beyond partisan politics

The majority of congressional Republicans and their supporters expressed more outrage when President Obama put his feet up on the desk in the Oval Office, wore a tan suit, or did not wear an American flag pin on his lapel than they do for President Trump, who misled and lied to the American people every day, whose administration mismanged the coronavirus pandemic that is now projected to kill at least a half-a-million Americans, who showed total disregard for the Constitution and democratic norms, and who failed to accept the results of a fair and valid election, and then incited a mob to invade the Capitol building, killing one Capitol police officer and assaulting and injuring many others. 

This is far beyond partisan politics, and it is time that our political leaders actually govern and safeguard our democracy.

Norman Fortin, North Kingstown

Squeamish about needles on TV

I realize the vaccine program for the COVID-19 virus is a major news item that demands constant coverage by the media. Everyone is anxious to know when and where they can receive the vaccine injections for their own personal protection.

However, it would be much appreciated if the TV stations could eliminate the constant flashing of images showing needles being thrust and pumped into arm after arm.  I personally am very bothered by such graphic images, and they are broadcast so fast and so frequently that I can’t look away in time.

It might even discourage some individuals from getting vaccinated. I think the Health Department can get its “point” across without the vivid demonstrations.

Daniel J. Vallee, North Providence

Pipeline delivers oil most efficiently

I believe we are up to 35 to 40 executive orders by our new president.  What concerns me was the work stoppage of the Keystone pipeline, and the 10,000 job losses. 

The most efficient and productive method of transportation of oil and oil products is by pipeline. This was proven in the building of the Alaska Pipeline. My husband and I toured the Alaska Pipeline, which is an amazing achievement.  The pipeline is monitored both internally and externally to protect the environment and natural habitats. 

For the time being we will go back to rail and truck transportation. There are derailments and truck accidents yearly.  When this occurs there is disruption of the rail and road systems.  But more importantly, there is destruction to our health and safety and environmental corruption of soil and the aquifer.  I can not imagine why a clear-thinking leader would stop the building of the pipeline.

Wind and solar energy supply 5% of our energy needs. It will be many, many years before we can count on new sources of power.

The largest polluting countries in the world are China, Brazil and India.  The U.S. is the least.  So why?

Joyce Stanczyk, Bradford

A pair of deplorables

Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer suffer from “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

If they spent half as much of their energy on trying to help our country as they do on their hatred for former President Donald Trump, imagine how much could be accomplished!

And these two very pathetic people are our leaders in Congress … shameful!

Joan Simmons, Rehoboth

Seniors getting shaft on COVID 

Are seniors ignored when it comes to COVID testing and the vaccine?

You can bet your life on it.  We continue to find ourselves lower and lower on the proverbial totem pole. It’s age-based discrimination at its worst.

Judith Stenberg, East Greenwich

Biden should tax the rich

President Joe Biden is already being criticized for proposals that spend too much money.  Those critics have amnesia about the $1.6 billion the 45th president spent on his useless wall. Or that same president’s “trickle down” Tax Cut and Jobs Act, which didn’t create jobs because the wealthy simply put their money in the bank and corporations just bought back their own shares.

To implement Biden’s plans, Congress must raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy. If you think this idea radical, it’s useful to remember that during the prosperity of the 1950s, the Eisenhower years, the top income tax bracket was just over 90%.

That meant that the Fat Cats could keep 10 cents out of every dollar they made.

Gordon Rowley, Wakefield

Trump hate overshadows love of country

How sad and frightening that the venom of hatred that continues to spew forth toward former President Donald Trump appears to overshadow the professed love of our country.  It reminds me of the actions of an embittered divorced couple who hate each other more than they love their children. In both situations, everyone loses.

Joan Gray, Warwick 

Stop aiding Saudis’ war on Yemen

Knock it off! The U.S. has behaved abhorrently in its support for Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen. The Saudi bombing campaign (with U.S.-supplied weapons) deliberately targeted civilian infrastructure and food production. It touched off a humanitarian crisis that has already cost 100,000 lives.

Now, with the COVID pandemic, the Saudi war on Yemen is restricting food and medical supplies from reaching people most in need, including children. In addition, the U.S. has named the Houthis as a terrorist organization, thereby imperiling vital international aid from reaching the Yemeni people.

Enough! The new administration must immediately reverse course. Cut off aid and weapon sales to Saudi Arabia, a nefarious, autocratic kingdom, and institute humanitarian aid and relief for the people of Yemen.

Timothy Sprouls, Cranston

Hospital deal worth the price

What’s in a price? The Memorial Hospital complex sold for little money. So what? The future to the city and the veterans that will be served there far outweigh the price.

This is a tremendous outcome for an old abandoned property. Congratulations, Mayor Grebien, and thank you Lockwood Development Partners for having the vision to develop this site.

F. Paul Mooney Jr., Providence

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